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Solar Charge Controller Model – 8 ( 48V – 20A )


Excellent Charging algorithm, temperature compensated set points. 12V/24V Automatic identification by system. LED digital display and one-key operation, easy to use. The improved 3-section computing method can weekly give the battery a Balanced charging. It can stop the battery from being unbalancing and vulcanizing and let the battery been used for more time. The controller is equipped with the serial PWM charging main circuit with additional 3%~6% efficiency than the non-PWM circuit which can work for more time and increase the using period of the system. Controller has three load work ways and can be easily used in varies streetlights and monitors. Visualized LED display which can let the users get to know the conditions of solar power and storage battery. Overcharge, over discharge and overload protection; Electronic short circuit protection; Reverse connect preventing protection. Lightning prevention.

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Controller installation must be stable, the size of overall and installation as below :

  • Wire : firstly please check the wires length, confirm the installation position, as less as possible for wire length to cutting the power consumption.
  • Connect to the battery: pls note the +(positive pole) and -(negative pole), don’t opposite, if you are right, the battery indicator light will be lighting, or else, you must to check the pole.
  • Connect to the solar panel: pls note the +(positive pole) and -(negative pole), don’t opposite, if it is sunny, the charge indicator light will be lighting or charging flicker after about 10 seconds, or else, you must to check the connection.
  • Connect to the load: put the dc load(led lighting power) connect cable into the controller output + and – pole, also please note the +(positive pole) and -(negative pole), don’t opposite to avoid damage device and any electric products.



System voltage 12V/24V Auto
System current 15A/20A
No-load loss <10mA
Solar energy input voltage <55V
Over voltage protection 16.5V; ×2/24V
Over voltage recovery 15.0V; ×2/24V
Balance charge voltage 14.6V; ×2/24V(25°C) time maintenance 1H
Increase charge voltage 14.4V; ×2/24V(25°C) time maintenance 1H
Float charge voltage 13.8V; ×2/24V(25°C)
Charging return voltage 13.3V; ×2/24V(25°C)
Discharge protection voltage 11.1V; ×2/24V
Discharge protection voltage 12.8V; ×2/24V
Temperature compensation -4.0mv/°C/2V
Daytime identifying voltage 7.0V; ×2/24V
Night identifying voltage 3.0V ×2/24V
Over-load, short-circuit protection 1.5 times rating current 30S

1.5 times rating current 10S overload current protection

≥3 times rating current short circuit protection

Work temperature -25°C to +60°C
Protection degree IP30
Outline size 141.5mm*84mm *23.6 mm




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