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Solar Charge Controller ( 3A – 40W ) without any housing or box




Over Charging cut off to increase the life of the battery

Deep discharge cut off

Voltage regulation feature

Optimized charging in monsoon

Supports all types of batteries including SMF, Tubular, Inverter series.


Model SC-D2D-1
Application Battery charging & load control
Suggested Module wattage (Max.) 12V, 40Wp
System Voltage 12V DC
Charge controller type Two step, Series, PWM
Charging current 3A
Load current 3A
Charge controller efficiency >95%
Self current consumption <6mA
Drop between PV and Battery ~790mV
Drop between Battery and Load ~350mV
Battery Depth of Discharge <75%
Battery Low warning Red LED blinking
Battery Low  disconnect Red LED glowing
Battery Charging Green LED glowing
Battery Full Charge Green LED blinking
Short Circuit protection Provided
PV Module Reverse polarity Provided
Reverse current flow to PV Module Provided
Battery Reverse Polarity Provided
Battery Temp Compensation -3mV to -4mV/ºC/cell
Battery over charging Provided
Battery deep discharging Provided
Cable entry size 2.5 (Max.)
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature -10°C to 60°C
Size & weight (Without Packing)
Solar Charge controller 96x90x33mm, 0.108Kg
Size & weight (With Packing)
Solar Charge controller 100x90x35mm, 0.120Kg


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